All of the Lights

All of the Lights


Bo’s Coffee, Katipunan – January 13, 2017

Things I’m Grateful for 2016

Things I’m Grateful for 2016

  • My dream guy is finally my boyfriend.
  • My new job, regardless of how stressful it is sometimes, still grateful I have one
  • Gained new friends from my new job
  • New places. Boyfriend and I went to a lot of different places last 2016.. Unusual dates to museums (Mind Museum, Yexel’s Toy Museum, National Museum etc), parks, staycations (yay for sleepovers!), karaoke nights, chilling in cafes, indie film screenings and a whole lot more!
  • Finally let go of past heartaches and that “not enough” feeling
  • Complete family just before the year ended
  • Legal relationship. I’ve spent the past half decade being in a secret relationship that I feel so darn grateful how it is not to have that again. Everyone in my family knows and they accepted us as is.

Grateful, grateful, grateful!!!